Kamen Rider Drive: Sebuah Kisah Cinta Terselubung

Menyusul ditayangkannya episode ke-9 Kamen Rider Drive 2 minggu lalu, saya sempat ikut serta dalam sebuah perdebatan kecil tentang sosok Heart, Brain, dan Chaser. Awalnya konklusi yang saya hasilkan setelah melalui pemikiran panjang dan pertikaian dengan hati sendiri adalah bahwa Heart merupakan gambaran dari sosok masyarakat metroseksual, sementara Brain adalah gambaran dari para nerd. Untungnya pengamatan saya yang ngaco ini segera diluruskan oleh salah satu pengguna jejaring sosial dengan inisial KW dengan pernyataannya yang sepenuhnya mengubah cara pandang saya terhadap acara ini.

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ClariS’ 3rd Album Personal Impression


A few days (or is it week already?) ago we heard about Alice’s graduation from the duo ClariS. Apparently, her graduation is declared official when they released their 3rd album. But we’re done with the sad news, aren’t we? The good news is that the 3rd album is their best album (well at least for me because you know, people has different taste). So yeah, here we go with their third album review that consist of these tracks:

  1. Drawing
  2. CLICK
  3. 眠り姫 (Nemurihime)
  4. Time
  6. コイノミ (Koinomi)
  7. STEP
  8. ドライフラワー (Dry Flower)
  9. トパーズ (Topaz)
  10. かくれんぼ (Kakurenbo)
  11. カラフル (Colorful)
  12. Orange

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Alice’s Graduation from ClariS?


今それぞれの道 歩き出す


ねぇ私たち 笑えているかな? 辿り着く未来の場所で

If I were to translate those words roughly, it would be something along this line:

Right now, we’re walking down our own path

For us to build up our new world.

I wonder, can we laugh properly when we reach our destination?

The lyrics are taken from a song on their first album which title is apparently, Graduation. I guess this song fits their situation right now.

So earlier today, I got an info that Alice tells the world of her graduating from ClariS. The reason? She stated that she wants to focus on her study. A completely reasonable things to do, considering they are now on their high school year in which they will think of their future more seriously. The first time I hear the news was from a friend asking me “Is it true that ClariS disbanded?” I don’t believe it at first, until I decided to check their website and there it is, Alice’s statement of graduation.

Everything feels like a bad joke. I even look at my phone’s date to confirm whether this is April 1st, which is actually not. Denial mode is imminent. I lost my motivation for the afternoon. Why, you ask? Because I’ve been enticed from their very first debut on the anime OreImo in which they sing the OP song titled “irony”. You could call it love at first sight, except it’s my ears that do what my eyes should be doing.

Sure, I might not follow them since their first debut when they still used a name as simple as アリス☆クララ rather than ClariS. I might not heard their cover before they finally work together with kz to make two beautiful pieces titled drop and 君の夢を見よう (Seeing your dream). But still, I’m there when they started their major debut with a new brand that is ClariS. I continued watching them grow just like my own child when they released their second single used for Madoka Magica’s OP, Connect and another song for OreImo, nexus. The news of them releasing their first album back then fires me up. That was the very first time I really wanted to buy an original disc, which in the end I did and no regrets had.

After I spend a moment to contemplate, I ask myself a simple question. “Shouldn’t I be happy instead? IF Alice’s reason was true, wasn’t she left the group so that she could focus more on her study? Can I really call myself a fan if I disagree with her reason even if I know that might be the best for her?”

I also see that on the news about Alice’s graduation, the staff writes another thing I failed to see because I’m behaving like a child.


Which, if I could roughly translate to

Even though Alice graduates, ClariS is preparing for the next stage. We hope you guys will continue to support them.

Alice might be out, but it seems they have something in mind. Could it be a swan song? Or will they find a replacement for Alice? Either way, I’ll still support whatever they had in store for us which is known only to time.

I’ve said this a lot of time, but I feel the urge to say this again.

To every things be it good or bad, an end is bound to come. So make it all worthwhile before it’s gone.

It’s been a really nice ride, ClariS. Spending the last three years watching you guys grow was really worth it. I can never forget how painful it was when I heard 本当は (actually) for the first time. Nor will I forget how sweet it was listening to both zutto and ひとつだけ (only one). I really hope whatever choice you girls pick, will be the best path for all of you.

Tvvitter Password Scam.


And it attacks again.

Don’t open a link from someone saying things like “rofl u got to see this, its epic”, “Im lol’n so much right now at this”, or something else that they usually don’t.

Have a safe time surfing the internet!

Originally posted on allsoinfo:

I received a Direct Message from a follower today, apparently “Hey, theres someone making nasty blogs about you, check them out”. Appart from the bad English, why would a follower send me such a message? Obviously Spam.

Me being inquisitive and technically minded, opened the given URL on a secure PC off of any network other than a direct connection to the Internet.

Because of the way that Twitter shortens the URL, you couldn’t tell until it was in a browser and redirected to the true URL that http://www.twitter.com had become http://www.tvvitter.com. It then invited you to enter your Twitter user name and password, just as the standard twitter screen does.

If I had entered my details they would have access to my twitter account, and also a lot of other accounts. Chances are you have the same username and password for a lot of sites? I don’t, even if…

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