Tvvitter Password Scam.


And it attacks again.

Don’t open a link from someone saying things like “rofl u got to see this, its epic”, “Im lol’n so much right now at this”, or something else that they usually don’t.

Have a safe time surfing the internet!

Originally posted on allsoinfo:

I received a Direct Message from a follower today, apparently “Hey, theres someone making nasty blogs about you, check them out”. Appart from the bad English, why would a follower send me such a message? Obviously Spam.

Me being inquisitive and technically minded, opened the given URL on a secure PC off of any network other than a direct connection to the Internet.

Because of the way that Twitter shortens the URL, you couldn’t tell until it was in a browser and redirected to the true URL that had become It then invited you to enter your Twitter user name and password, just as the standard twitter screen does.

If I had entered my details they would have access to my twitter account, and also a lot of other accounts. Chances are you have the same username and password for a lot of sites? I don’t, even if…

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Sakura Trick First Impression

Alright, where should I start? Well, I’ve been hyped with Sakura Trick since the news came out, and I was kind of disappointed when I knew the studio that would work on them was DEEN. But when the anime airs, it doesn’t disappoint unlike Pupa!

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Happy Late New Year

Happy late new year, people!

It’s been so long since I write here. ’twas hectic, both uni and life so I don’t really have that much time to write (especially with all those assignments etc etc).

So how was your new year? Was it great? Mine wasn’t because… I slept around 8 PM local time here :)) Did you guys make any resolution for this year? Well, many of you would probably be pessimistic about new year resolution because many people will just forget about it few days (or even few hours?) after they said their resolutions, but that’s not it you see. Resolution is like a goal, that’s why this year I resort to writing it down rather than just memorizing it so I know what kind of person I want to be in the end of 2014.

2013 itself made quite an impact on me. It was the year where I learned how to forgive people as well as myself, a year where I could appreciate every small happiness I was given, and a year where I could be a little bit more expressive about myself. I saw people getting along, hook up, break up, forgave each other, hate each other, and many more. Despite all the bad things that happened, 2013 also had its share of happiness. Happiness for getting new friends here and there, is one of them.

So I guess that’s all for the late happy new year greetings. May we have a great 2014! And if somehow if you guys meet me in a japanese/animu event or anything it would be nice to have a chat, though I would probably still be shy about it~

ClariS Second Story Personal Impression

Hansel and GretelSo it seems, not long after they release their newest single for OreImo season 2 Opening, the official announced that they will release their second album.

Personally, I love this album just like how I love all their songs. Sadly, I myself still prefer the first album so I might as well make a comparison on the review.

First, let me give you the track list for this album. There are 12 songs on this album, just like the first (not counting the 2nd disc, of course). Those songs are:

  1. Second Story
  2. Harura/Halla/whatever(ハルラ)
  3. Wake Up
  4. Rainy Day
  5. Hanabi
  6. With You
  7. Luminous(ルミナス)
  8. Diary(ダイアリー)
  9. eternally
  10. Hitotsu Dake(ひとつだけ)
  11. Grasp(グラスプ)
  12. Reunion

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Love Live, a Wonderzone

So yeah, yesterday marks the final episode of Love Live School Idol Project the anime version and somehow I feel obliged to write a blog post about it.

The first time I knew about them was from Honya. At first, I was like “meh” but then I got nothing to do, so I try them out. Turns out, they’re good. If memories served me right, it was right before Shiranai Love * Oshiete Love single.

As time goes by, I grew more attached to them. And before I knew it, there they are, in the next season list FINALLY. I said to myself back then that I will write about them once the anime finished, so yeah. Also, I’ll try to be as objective as I could.

By the way, it will also have some spoilers, so read on your own risk.

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