Jealousy on Social Media

So Which Blessings of Your Lord Will You Deny~?


“Most people on social media present the “best version” of who they are. Nobody really shares their darkest moments or the many hardships people go through. It gives the illusion that their life is “perfect” when in reality we all go through things that challenge us to do and become better.

Comparing your life to others has become so easy, a simple click that makes you feel like you’re not good enough, you’re not having as much fun, or your life might be boring. All of this comparison actually affects your self-esteem and confidence level. You lower your ability to grow, because you shun yourself.”

~Quoted from @idillionaire

The best and the worst moments of my life don’t make it to social media. What I post is honest, what interests me, and pieces of who I really am. I am frankly being myself.

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SiSH – さよならレイニーレイディ (sayonara rainy lady) Lyrics & Translation


Well… If we have SAKURA on the first album, we have sayonara rainy lady for the second album as my personal favorite. No, it’s not because I can relate or anything fuck you.

Compared to the other two of SiSH’s song, this song for me sounds the most natural. They don’t autotune the girls’ voice to the extreme like onegai my boy or aozora train. So yeah, without further ado…

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777☆SISTERS – FUNBARE☆RUNNER Lyrics & Translation


Finally I translated my most favorite 777☆SISTERS song :’)

This song will have a special place in my heart, being the one song I continuously plays on repeat during my hardest time. This song is really uplifting, that even now I can still feel the chill it sends to me.

Holy hell, this song has puns in it, so I might better explain(?) it first.

There is a word “Funbare” here, written as FUN☆晴れ. The original word is 踏ん張れ that means “stand firm”, but on this occasion, is written as a combination of Fun and 晴れ as in clear weather/sunny. I’m not sure how to translate the hell out of FUN☆晴れ, so… Uhh… I guess I’ll go with “fun and positive.”

The same goes with the アッ☆晴れ, again with 晴れ for clear weather. The original word is 暴れ which means go wild. I’ll go with “wild and positive” also, I guess.

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