[Review] Hoshizora no Memoria

Title: Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
Original Title: 星空のメモリア-Wish upon a shooting star-
Alias: Hoshimemo
Length: Long (30 – 50 Hours)
File Size : 4Gb
Release Date : 27 Maret, 2009
Company : FAVORITE

Why are you reviewing this now? This is an old VN, you know.

Why indeed? Of course, because the english patch has just come out on April 1st.

You can get both the official patch and the english patch here.

Oh and by the way, I’m trying to avoid spoiling the story. I really am trying lol.


HoshiMemo takes place when the Protagonist, Kogasaka You returns to his hometown of Hibarigasaki. There, he once made a promise to once again meet someone so dear for him back then. To his surprise, it’s not that someone which is waiting for him on their promised place, but a little girl that looks like the person he holds dear. She introduces herself as “Mare”, and claiming that she’s a Grim Repaer. She commands You to close his eyes, and reap him with the Scythe she owns.

Including true end (***’s route) and Mare’s Route, there are 7 endings in Hoshizora no Memoria (I don’t know if there’s a bad end or such). True End will only be unlocked after you finished the other route.

For the choices, there are only around 12 choices here. Each heroine excluding *** has 2 choices.

The story in HoshiMemo mostly revolves around how each character deals with their problem. In a few parts, you can also hear story about Greek’s myth and also Japanese myth that has a connection with stars. For Mare, Asuho, and ***, the story about stars mostly revolves on Summer Triangle.

But there’s a problem. A big problem (for me, at least). Common Route in this game is… long. Or way too long, I should say. Even if you use full skip, it will consume around 30 minutes of your time.

For the story telling itself, you will find yourself in a flashback be it on You’s side, or even the side of each heroine. Not only that, there’s also this point of view change every now and then which is kind of neat for me because You is not a shaman that could see people’s heart. And so, the point of view change to each heroine could reel us deeper into their story.

Main Characters

sums up all the heroines except ***

As I told you above, there are 7 heroines in this game which are:

  1. Asuho Minahoshi
  2. Hisakaki Mokomoko Komomo
  3. Hisakaki Komame Kosame
  4. Aoi Isuzu
  5. Kogasaka Chinami
  6. Mare S. Ephemereal
  7. ***
Kogasaki You

The protagonist of this game. Kogayou is an independent guy to the extreme that he wouldn’t ask for help to anyone. Within every route of the game, we are able to learn more about him. Be it about himself, his dad, or even his mom.
Asuho Minahoshi

Asuho is your typical cheerful character which is also kind of main heroine in the game because most of the story revolves around her. Well, she’s cheerful, alright. But beneath that cheerful front she put on to everyone, there’s this old problem she tries to hide so no one will know her sadness.

Mostly, Asuho’s route will only talk about how she feels to You. Whether she deserve You or not because she thinks You loved the girl she made promise with back then.

So as the story goes, Asuho goes to the same elementary school as You, but sadly You doesn’t remember her at all because he’s a jerkan antisocial that always go home straight to help his mom. By that time, Asuho was given a duty by their teacher to look after You because he’s always all alone. As time goes by, Asuho develops the feeling of love toward You, which is completely natural.

Actually, the conflict in Asuho’s route isn’t only between her and You, but also with her dad. Too bad that conflict wasn’t really… exposed :/

And yes, she’s my favourite heroine! Because she has THREE h-scene she’s cute

Hisakaki Komomo

Komomo is not amused

HURRAY! Twintail, blonde, oppai TSUNDEREEEEE!!!

Mokomoko Komomo is the oldest of Hisakaki twins. She’s a school committee that do her works seriously. Actually, she really hates stars, but her sister on the other side really loves them and also a member of Astronomy Club, so… :v

Hmm… Komomo is a tsundere. And I really love that part of her. Not too tsun, and not too dere.


Komomo’s route told about her past and about Kosame. Too bad the character development isn’t that great here except that she becomes dere in front of You :v

Aoi Isuzu

Isuzu is also a Tsundere… maybe. Her denial is different from Komomo, though. Isuzu has a sharp tongue, or I should say really sharp. She could easily told someone just to die. She’s also this kind of person:

Her route of course will center around her past where she could see “Southern Starry Sky” which will become her nightmare later on. About how she acts like the way she is now. Not only that, her route also has a neat (if not great) character development. Isuzu which at first seems like a rude girl could change into someone that could never be apart with You.

Well, Isuzu’s route was horrible until a certain part. But after that, the route really flows nicely.

Hisakaki Kosame

The youngest of Hisakaki twins, Komame Kosame is like a different side of coin with Mokomoko Komomo. She’s not a tsundere of course. The only thing that makes her the same with Komomo is her breast

Honestly, when I play Common Route, Kosame is one of the character that I hate. But praise Arceus, her route totally change how I view her.

Well, because you have to finish Komomo’s route to get her, I won’t tell you guys about the story at all :3

Kogasaka Chinami

Grargh I hate Chinami so can we just skip it? orz

Oh well… Though I hate Chinami, I have to be honest that her route has so many surprise.

Chinami as you all know, is You’s sister *cough*thoughdifferentdad*cough.* It’s not that I hate imouto route or something, but as you guys also know, Chinami is noisy as hell. I really can’t stand her Machine Gun talk. Well, she’s better when she’s calm though.

Just as Kosame, because her route will only be opened after you finished Isuzu, there will be no spoiler.

Mare S. Ephemereal

Mare-chan~ Another character that has a good development. At first she looks more annoying than Isuzu, I know. But in the end, she opens up to You more which resulted in her showing her true color.

Her route is a split from ***’s route which cause how short her route is. Too bad, because she’s really interesting.

I guess that’s all for Mare because her existence isn’t that special other than in true route, there’s no telling who she is.


Welp this part is the biggest spoiler. But oh well.

You guys already know who she is, right? Yeah, this is the one and only girl that makes a promise with You back then. In the game, be it You, Asuho, and the other person refers to her as “The girl from the lookout” because Mare erases her name in You’s memories.


As I mentioned before, there are seven route you can play in this game. Each route you will learn more about each heroine which will make you feel bad in the true route good because all those back stories are just… Wonderful.

Well… Hate to admit that True Route is the most beautiful ending apart from it being the real ending. True route is able to wreck your feels perfectly. The fast and neat change of emotion also makes True Route simply better than any other route.

Not only that, True Route also gives as many conclussion to the other sub-character like Taiga, Ren, and also You’s mom. Also, the character development on this route centers around You.

If you are searching for a Visual Novel full of love, this is a no-go. Sure, HoshiMemo has many romantic moment, but that’s not the main point of this game. HoshiMemo revolves around how someone get over their past problem (which Mare refers as Nightmare). Be it fear of something, the desire to meet someone, unrequited first love, and fear to lose, all wrapped up with a very sweet vanilla.

While true route not only centers to ***, You also have to realize that in the end he has to stop relying on himself. He must admit that he’s not alone, that he has so many people that will help him when he falls.


I could say that the CG is one of the main selling point for HoshiMemo. Most of the CG takes place under the beautiful night sky of Hibarigasaki.

Well, though sometimes the art style change :/



There are 47 tracks under the sound menu. Among those 47 tracks, three of them are song with vocal, which are: Eternal Recurrence (Opening), Hoshii no Yume ~Gathering the stars of love~ (Ending), and Hoshizora no Memoria (True Route Ending).

Those 47 tracks was also slipped beautifully along the game in a great moment. Not to mention how beautiful those tracks, especially the orgel version of Hoshizora no Memoria and Hoshi no Yume.


Hoshizora no Memoria was one of the best VN I’ve ever played (though it’s still few lol). Every character isn’t easy to remember, but also lovely once you get to know them perfectly.

I will give them of 5.

And so, see you on the next post~ :3

7 thoughts on “[Review] Hoshizora no Memoria

  1. hmmmm, lumayan lah, apalagi saya jjuga kaga nyari yg full cinta tapi yg cinta ditambah masalah yg tentunya bukan hanya karena cinta itu,

  2. ada nih VN di HDD ku
    tp yang pure jap
    since i can speak japanese –a

    4/5 penilaian overall kah :))

    kalo mau menantang pake jap dan suka vanilla
    da capo III udah mau keluar noh

  3. Hmm, saya lebih demen yang genre ceritanya rada action sih. Soalnya biasanya yang bertema sekolah ato drama rada garing di awalnya(kayak Chaos;Head, ampe saya drop,LOL). Ini awalnya garing ngga, gan?

  4. this is one of my favorite VN, i love “the girl from the lookout” very much, but i feel bad to her after watching the H scene with 5 other heroines T T

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