[Review] To The Moon

Alright, this will be my first post after a long time without meaningful activity will be about a game titled “To The Moon.”

To The Moon is a game made using RPG Maker XP, so don’t be surprised if you found yourself finding 16-bit graphic game like this:

Before, I would like to say that this review will be so hard to write without spoiler, so I will try my best not to spoil anything regarding the story.

One day, we will lay on our bed, unable to do anything as we wait for our moment to finally be free of the world. By that moment, we will remember every and each memories we had. Be it happiness, sadness, anguish, or even regret. Now imagine if we were on that situation and thanks to the technology, we can pay some people to plant a memory so we had no regret or even do things we haven’t been able to do.

On this game, we will play as 2 person which are Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene. They are both an agent from a corporation called Sigmund Corp. where they operate on the subject of planting artificial memory which is usually by request of their client. This time, their client is Johnny Wyles whose last will is to fly to the moon. Ironically, he didn’t even remember why he wanted to go there, he just wanted to.

I don’t know why. I just… do.

To plant John’s dream about going to the moon, Neil and Eva have to go back within John’s memories since his old time to his childhood to plant the idea of being an astronaut or made a giant catapult so he can remember he went to the moon.

John, do you know what makes me happy? Do you? I do… So, please…

That journey through memory opens up so many past about John. Those memories are telling promise, love, dreams, commitment, regrets, dilemma, and many other things. One of the memories even tells about John and River, his Ex-Wife’s relationship. In one of those relationship memories, they will look fine, and on the other, they aren’t. Those memories will also remind me that in every relationship, not everything will be just fine.

We can see which era we are on

Every time we jumped from his old memories until his young age, there are so many unexpected things to expect, be it about young John, trauma of certain things, and fulfilled promise which made a gap instead. All those stuffs were packed beautifully inside the game.

This game itself is actually divided into 3 stages. First sequence is the exploration of Neil and Eva inside John’s memory to find things that became a Memory Link so they can go deeper. The second and third stage is where everything went so intense because John’s is worsening and more memories which has been missing started to surface.

Just look at those stars. They all look the same here. But that doesn’t make them less pretty.

As the game goes by, I somehow got attached with both John and River though I can only see them in John’s memories. John wanted to be a human different than the other, while River on the other hand, thinks of it differently.

It’s not limited to John and River, though. Deeper they are on John’s memories, the more both agent from Sigmund Corp. grows. Behind all those happy-go-lucky and noisy attitude of Neil, there seems to be something he hid.

About Memory Link, you will always have to search for them in each memory. At first, it would seems to be so random, but later on you will realize how important those things are for John and River.

Final Verdict:

This game had a really good music which fits every scene. That makes some scene really feels… sad. While on the other hand the gameplay is so monotonous. Find 5 memory links and destroy the barrier so you can go deeper. Even though the gameplay is monotonous, you will regret it if you don’t finish it. The story they give in this game is more than just beautiful. There are no such things called “Happily ever after”, or “Everything is fine”. There’s only how people really live with all those problem and choices which we would end up regretting.

Final Score: 8.5/10

I would give this game a 10/10 if it’s not for the monotonous gameplay. Other than that, it’s all great.


Where to get it?

You can download this game for free which is of course, a trial version for an hour on http://freebirdgames.com/to_the_moon/ or you can always buy the full version for only $11.95.

You can also download the soundtrack for this game where 50% of it will be donated as a charity for autistic people for only $5 on http://freebirdgames.bandcamp.com/album/to-the-moon-ost

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  1. terimakasih sebelumnya atas tulisannya, sehingga menambah pengetahuan dan informasi bagi kita yang membacanya, semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua, jika minat silahkan singgah ke blog saya untuk saling silaturahmi. terimakasih

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