A Long and Boring Review: Dishonored

Corvo Attano. A bodyguard to the empress, and got the title of Lord Protector. That changes when some people killed the empress right in front of his eyes and took her daughter, Emily Kaldwin.

Corvo then stripped of his title as Lord Protector and get thrown into a dungeon by those conspirating to take over the kingdom. Of course, for Corvo, a person that was considered great beyond all point, getting out was easy especially with some help from an unknown friend.

After he’s able to get out, Corvo met the Loyalist. A group of people that works together to bring back order to Dunwall. They plan to overthrow Lord Reagent and crown Emily as an Empress which they think is the only way to bring order back.

But then he met the Outsider, an entity of mystery that gives him supernatural powers. He can rush forward, bend time, summon a powerful gust of wind, commanding a swarm of vicious rat to attack his enemies, to possess people, and to see through walls. With those special powers at his disposal, he then carry on a mission to bring back the order. Or he can also do all those kills for revenge.

My dear Corvo, what a sad hand fate has dealt you. The beloved Empress dead and everyone thinks you are the killer.

I really have to say that Dishonored really deserves all the hype since we saw the demo gameplay on E3 a while back then. With a first person perspective, Dishonored done a good job on making you feel like you are actually the one making choices.

The city of Dunwall was beautiful. With so many mechanical things here and there, so many high building, glorious bridge, sophisticated technology, and also Tallboy, an example of technology usage to the military.


Well, there are a few notable characters here on Dishonored, so I’ll just make a quick telling of some of them.

Corvo Attano

The protagonist of the series. He was the bodyguard of the empress before he is accused of her murder and thrown to the dungeon for that.

Now, with the mark of the Outsider on his left hand, and the help of his newfound friend, he is ready to bring back order for Dunwall. Or, he can also acts for his own revenge.

The Outsider

The Outsider is a mysterious entity that gives people he met a set of powers.

Other than Corvo, there are only 2 other person given power by him. They are Daud and Granny Rags.

It is unknown whether his alignment is good, bad, or even chaotic. All that is known about him is that he loves to see people he choose do something “interesting”.

Emily Kaldwin

Emily Kaldwin is the empress’ daughter, which also makes her the rightful heir to the throne.

At this point, I’m unsure what is her relationship with Corvo. Because in one point, she called Corvo “dad”. But then again, maybe Corvo is seen as a father figure by her.

Every action that Corvo made along the game, will change Emily’s behavior. Thus, making different ending is possible.

Gameplay and other stuffs

Dishonored gives the feel of being assassin almost perfectly. You can of course, choose your way to the designated target’s place. Be it go up the roof, possessing a rat and sneak into small gaps between the wall, or of course, our favourite method, just go rambo.

As for your target, depending on your action there will be either 7 or 9 targets. You can also choose how to deal with them. You can put poison into their drink, makes the guard shoot you and you stop time so they shoot your target instead, or shoving your ultra-cool sword into your target’s throat and watch them writhing and struggling for their own life short after. It’s all in your hand. But please beware because the more person you killed, there will be more plague infected human out there later on.

Dishonored also brings “stealth” game to a whole new level with magics the Outsider gives to Corvo. There are six powers Corvo could use to smoothen his assassination contract.


Windblast gives Corvo the ability to summon a gust of wind with his hand (yep, more or less, like Aang). With the wind, it’s not only humans that Corvo can blow away. He can also blow away projectiles shot toward him. The powered up version will be able to kill Corvo’s enemies if they hit a wall or something else which is solid.

Dark Vision

Ah, Dark Vision. This power is one of the most useful power until the end of the game. Maybe most of you would already guess what use is the Dark Vision. Yes, it’s useful to let Corvo sees if there’s someone behind the wall. The powered up vision will let Corvo sees mechanical stuffs and useful items such as bullet or even Runes.

Just like blink, Dark Vision surely has disadvantages. Sometimes, this power makes you unable to distinguish wall or an open path, which is sucks.


Just as the name said, blink. With this power, Corvo is able to move really fast and undetected. The powered up version will allow Corvo to move farther, which also helpful when you are in a fight and is outnumbered.

But there’s one thing to be noted. Blink didn’t teleport Corvo. Rather, blink only makes Corvo moves faster. This means, Corvo won’t be able to use blink to bypass a wall.

Devouring Swarm

For me, devouring swarm is the most disturbing power up amongst others. With this ability, Corvo is able to summon a group of rats that will devour the enemy. You can also see the process of the devouring. Those rats eating your enemy bits by bits. The powered up version lets Corvo to summon more rats.

Devouring swarm is also useful when you want to go through a small passageway but there’s no rats there. You can also summon the rats and put a spring razor to them before they go to your enemy. That way, the enemy will be cut to pieces instead.

Time bend

The most overpowered ability. Time bend allows you to bend time (d’oh) around you, but leave you at your normal speed. And as the picture said, the powered up lets you freeze time completely. This makes the game easier. Frozen time means that no security device will react to you. Sure, the mana consumption is high, but you can use the time bend twice before you ran out of mana.


Possession allows you to take control of other things like rats, fish, and dogs. It said possess, but really, this ability is like… compressing your body and insert it into another being. This explain why most animal died after you’re done possessing them.

If not for the minus, possession would be more overpowered than time bend. While in possession, all you could do is move around. The exception is if you possess hound which you can use sprint.

Apart from those six abilities, there are also a few passive magic such as Shadow Kill where everyone you killed when they don’t notice you will turn into ashes, and there’s Blood Thirsty which makes you gain adrenaline everytime you attack or kill someone else.

The World

I have to say that Dunwall is brilliant. There are so many alleys which you can use. There are so many roofs where you can climb and use as an alternative pathways. Not to mention if your assassination target lives inside a big building, you will get more alternative ways to kill.

But you see, I wish that it was more open world so your alternative will gets wider. Though of course, that will also means that you have to think twice harder to compensate for the great amount of area.

Final and personal impression

Dishonored pleases me with it’s brilliance of the city and others since I first saw the trailer back then. But of course, there will never be a perfect game and Dishonored is of no exception. There is some flaws which I say is quite… bad.

First is the “Stealth Mode”. The stealth mode is stupid and really unlogical. Could you explain how the hell would people not noticing you while all you do is duck behind a corner? Well the ducking behind a corner and not noticed still makes sense. But what about you tilting your body left or right and no one notice? Not to mention that the enemy will NOT react if you’re on your stealth mode and is right beside them.

Second is the boundary that is set within the game. Just as I said, I wished for a more open Dunwall which is unlikely because it will makes us think twice harder. The problem is the boundary is like a very steep roof which you can’t even set foot upon. It will be better if the boundary is sea/river which if you go too far, a mysterious sea creature will kill you.

Third is character development. Even until you finish the game, it will be hard to be able to personally connect with other characters. You don’t have the time to knows them better. This will also resulting in you didn’t care what will happen to any of the other characters.

Well, despite all those flaws, Dishonored is still enjoyable. Especially the way it tells the story. Playing as Corvo makes you feel that you have the power to change. That you really is the one making the change. It’s too bad the character development is so poor. If only it was written better, it will have more impact to the player.

So in the end, I will give Dishonored a 7 out of 10.

It was a good game, and you should probably give it a try even if you dislike First Person type game.

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