Surgeon Simulator 2013, Game That Brings Change.

Have you ever dreamed of being a surgeon but you don’t think you’re great enough to enroll on the course? Worry not, Bossa Studios now present to you a game that will change the future of surgery, Surgeon Simulator 2013.

So… Judging by the title, we all know this game is a surgery simulation. But how?

The control

The control

Kind of easy, right? But doesn’t this remind you guys of something? Something that involves someone running around while you have to press some keys just to make him run?and suffer

QWOP, the legendary runner

QWOP, the legendary runner

Yes, that game is what comes to my mind when I first played this game.

This is what might happen if the developer of QWOP somehow got a degree on surgeon

While of course, this game is nothing like QWOP. Why, you ask? Because this game will change what game is. You will be really immersed in the game as you race against your patient’s Blood Level to save him using all equipment you have as a surgeon.

Simple mission, right?

Simple mission, right?

As to what you can use, there are so much things to help you with it.Left stuffsOn the left side, we have saw, hammer, hammer, and radio. What? You don’t know the usage of the radio? D’oh of course it’s to keep them beating!

Right stuffsWhile on the right side you have… That vicious looking saw, two syringe, three scalpels, a clipboard, and a pen. Also, there’s a heart on that top left box.

The game itself isn’t as hard as QWOP, in terms of control. Rather than using q, w, o, and p to move, you only need to use a, w, e, r, and space to move your finger. just imagine all those possibilities you can make with all those fingers!



I never thought you are your own killer!

I never thought you are your own killer!

I will end you by removing this!

I will end you, little heart!



Ahem… It’s just way too fun playing with the fingers.

Apart from how hilarious and fun the game is, the developer did a great job making this game in 48 hours. There are of course, some flaws to the game. But considering the time they made this, this is “realistic” enough.

Overall, this game is really worth your time. It has a great soundtrack, one key one finger control, and of course, it has you as the surgeon.

He'll live.

He’ll live.

You can download the game for free here.

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