ClariS Second Story Personal Impression

Hansel and GretelSo it seems, not long after they release their newest single for OreImo season 2 Opening, the official announced that they will release their second album.

Personally, I love this album just like how I love all their songs. Sadly, I myself still prefer the first album so I might as well make a comparison on the review.

First, let me give you the track list for this album. There are 12 songs on this album, just like the first (not counting the 2nd disc, of course). Those songs are:

  1. Second Story
  2. Harura/Halla/whatever(ハルラ)
  3. Wake Up
  4. Rainy Day
  5. Hanabi
  6. With You
  7. Luminous(ルミナス)
  8. Diary(ダイアリー)
  9. eternally
  10. Hitotsu Dake(ひとつだけ)
  11. Grasp(グラスプ)
  12. Reunion

Second Story

Sorry if this just start and I already compare it with the first album, but I just can’t help it. Unlike the first track of the first album, Second Story is not that powerful. However, I still have to say that this song is indeed a good opening to the album. It’s not that strong, yet it’s not weak.


I spend hours to figure out what Harura means, and I still don’t get answer. Harura starts off with sweet piano tune, and then they decide to kick it off with a powerful beat. It’s soothing at first, and it gets loud. I also have to say that Harura is one of my favorite song on the album.

Wake Up

This song was used for Moyashimon Returns OP back then (entertaining show, but only entertaining). This song starts out loud and consistent with it, so I would say it’s good, but that’s it (Mostly because the other songs on that single are better. Way much better).

Rainy Day

Rainy Day… I wonder how I should explain it. Rainy Day is… jumpy. A good one, but I don’t know how to enjoy it. And near the end, it somehow calms itself. It’s really good, but as I say earlier, I don’t know how to enjoy it. Maybe I’ll try to enjoy it when it’s raining while taking a sip from a glass of hot coffee.


After a jumpy trip from Rainy Day, they present you Hanabi. Hanabi is a much slower song compared to any of the song above, and yet I love it so much. Though it’s slow, it still has powerful kick on some part. Also Clara’s solo part was so good.

With You

Ah, With You. This song is also used for XTetra Opening Song, a game for Playstation Vita. This song really kicks with all those beat and high pace it has. Maybe, because it’s for a game OP? I don’t really care, but I love it. Oh also, this song has a PV for itself. It’s simple, yet neater than Reunion, and Luminous.


This song is the one used for Madoka Magica the Movie. Somehow, this song really has that Connect feeling for me. It feels just like Connect v2. It’s the same grandeur, the same greatness, and the same amount of goodness. It also feels jumpy on some part.


This song feels so different from the other on the album. It feels so… techno? It’s also quite a turn from whatever kind of feeling Luminous gave us. I have a feeling that this will ends up just like “Koi Jishaku” on the first album. The kind of thing that I will really get attached into the more I heard it.


After they give us some techno feeling, it’s the usual ClariS song. Calming, yet not without any strong beat on it. This song feels so soft, even softer than Hanabi. Compared to the same track number of the first album titled Graduation, I personally would pick this song. It’s soft, but it doesn’t make you sleepy at all. BUT, it’s actually quite a waste that Alice didn’t quite sing as much as Clara even though she could really sounds so beautiful singing this kind of song.

Hitotsu Dake

AH Finally, my personal favorite. The song I really really really love the most from this album. It’s the most calming song, the most soothing, and the song I can really enjoy the most. If I have to compare it with one song from the first album, this song would really be on par with Zutto, or even this could win. I don’t even know why I love this song so much. And again, I will say it again, this song is my favorite. My number one favorite.


From the slow Hitotsu Dake, we now move on to Grasp. This song is obviously far more powerful than Hitotsu Dake. It also has the same feeling as their First Album’s “Promise.”


The one they use for OreImo S2 Opening. This is also their latest single that they release not long before the second album came out. In an instant, this reminds me of Nexus. Even so, I don’t really like this even if it’s so good because back then on the single, the other two songs are really much much more impressive than this.

Well I guess that’s all for the post this time. I guess, I’ll try to post something else not far from now if I’m not that lazy. See ya!

3 thoughts on “ClariS Second Story Personal Impression

  1. oh one more,i think you would enjoy rainy day when you are in a long trip or boring situation,i think that song would help restore your mood
    but,everyone have their own way to enjoy songs

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