Tvvitter Password Scam.

And it attacks again.

Don’t open a link from someone saying things like “rofl u got to see this, its epic”, “Im lol’n so much right now at this”, or something else that they usually don’t.

Have a safe time surfing the internet!


I received a Direct Message from a follower today, apparently “Hey, theres someone making nasty blogs about you, check them out”. Appart from the bad English, why would a follower send me such a message? Obviously Spam.

Me being inquisitive and technically minded, opened the given URL on a secure PC off of any network other than a direct connection to the Internet.

Because of the way that Twitter shortens the URL, you couldn’t tell until it was in a browser and redirected to the true URL that had become It then invited you to enter your Twitter user name and password, just as the standard twitter screen does.

If I had entered my details they would have access to my twitter account, and also a lot of other accounts. Chances are you have the same username and password for a lot of sites? I don’t, even if…

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