Love Live School Idol Movie, and Maybe My Experience with Love Live in General.


“Trust me, I’m not here to watch idols. I simply bought the wrong ticket!” – Me, talking to myself

So… I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been a long time since I’m out of Love Live hell, including their songs and stuffs. I don’t even watch the second season of the show, but I do know that they win Love Live, somehow.

Oh and before you read further, this shit won’t be spoiler free. Why? Because writing a spoiler free stuffs is such a hassle. Or if you want it to sounds more annoying, “Because it’s a hassle :v”

Annoyed yet? Good.

Before I went straight to how I feel about the movie and my experience with Love Live in general, let me list the good and bad of this movie.

The good:

  • Love Live
  • Niko
  • Niko’s family
  • Rin’s forehead
  • Umi’s pits
  • “THE TIGER QUEEN” poster on the wall
  • Have I mentioned Niko being best girl?
  • Rin + Maki + Pana singing together, only the three of them
  • Adult Honker(?)
  • The ED song
  • Tsubasa
  • God dammit, Tsubasa

Now that it’s out of the equation, it’s time for the negative.

The bad:

  • Broken(?) english
  • Wtf the Indonesian subtitle
  • Umi’s antics about the card game
  • Umi being Umi
  • 3rd year’s song
  • Love Live

Now, what is it exactly that went inside my mind so I go ahead and watch this movie? It’s either I do it out of boredom, stress, or simply because it’s the grand finale? It’s probably the latter. Because I thought, maybe I can finally and properly say goodbye to Love Live, to μ’s, this time.

The movie starts out the usual Honoka’s prologue about how things should have been, and add “but”. Simply the usual Honoka. Then, they went to America and stuffs. Man, MY holy trinity is still as beautiful as ever. Niko, Umi, and Rin. Or as I said it, Uminiko + Rin.

They sing in the US. AND I GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE RIN’S FOREHEAD. HWHHWHW that was really cute. Not to mention, the 1st year’s song is really nice. For me, the nicest one among the others. If I have to rank it, it would be 1st year > 2nd year > 3rd year.

Honoka then got lost when they were going back to the hotel one day, and she meets FUTURE HONOKA. It’s future Honoka, isn’t it? I mean, all those words she said and stuffs. Future Honoka’s song was really soothing, though it was simply “lalalalalalala” and such, but it was calming.

And then they perform in front of many.

And they got home.

But then problem arises. They became famous. They wanted to disband, but they became famous. They don’t want to betray the expectation everyone has for them. It hits me quite hard, because that’s also how I am right now. So many people expecting great things from me, but I don’t even believe in myself.

And then A-Rise, and then stuffs, and then they perform for the last time. The end.

Hmm, what to write ya? It’s just… there are many things happening all at once when I go and watch LL:SIM. Most of them are nostalgias, shot back to the moment when I first know about all those girls.

The auditorium was quite empty. Only around 12-15 people inside including me, which makes it great. That way, there’s no unnecessary light from people constantly checking their mobile phone etc.

The atmosphere of the movie by itself is quite nice. That, accompanied by wonderful soundtracks here and there made the watching experience richer. There’s also the insert song, but it’s just… you know, usual idol stuffs. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just that there’s nothing really special. Except for the ending song where they mentioned each member’s name.

The story… I’m not sure whether it’s the special spot I have for Love Live or the fact that I can’t handle cartoon/comic/literature stuffs that has separation as the main focus well, that made me all teary watching this. My guess is it’s the combination of it both, since a friend of mine said he only saw people coming out of the cinema with grin, rather than their eyes getting all read from crying too much.

You know what I love the most from this movie? The sheer amount of things I can take out of context to make it more–if it’s not already is–baper-y.

“Within this limited time we have, we want to shine.”

“Remember the reason as to why you are doing this.”

“You can fly any time you want to!”

If I were to rate this movie in a 10-basis scoring, I would say 7.5 out of 10. It really works well as a conclussion to μ’s, as well as a reason for the existence of other school idol on the Love Live franchise (Yes, I’m talking about you, Aquors).

Now you can close this tab or simply continue reading for (maybe) longer post about my Love Live experience ever since the beginning and to why I put “Love Live” in both good and bad part of being the movie.

I forget when exactly that I got into this franchise, a love child between many party, but I do remember it was a moment right after my graduation from High School. It’s either the end of 2010 or the early days of 2011.

At first it was simply an act of illegal downloading, but then it’s getting hard to get these girls’ songs because no one seems to upload them. Love Live was the first franchise that made me want to go original for once, and it went on until today; not for Love Live, since I stopped when they announced the MUSIC START stuffs, around the… 6th single?

There are many things that happened “the first” because of Love Live. I got into a community of franchise-worshipping guys like me, because of Love Live. I got to know much more people because of Love Live. I got introduced to idol world also because of Love Live. Also letting me met a certain someone that changes my life completely, during the end of 2013.

The reason why “Love Live” is on the list as the bad stuff is… because it’s Love Live. Well, it’s not entirely the franchise’s fault, more like my fault. I had too much expectation for the 6th single, only to let it disappoints me.

Well, I hope that LL:SIM would be a real closure to μ’s’ story.

It was a really wonderful ride. A joyous 4/5 years ride full of laughter, tears, misery, agony, anxiety, anticipation, and most of all… fun. I humbly thank you for all of the wonderful memories I had with you, μ’s.

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