Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!11!1!1

Following the tradition, I love to post early merry christmas and happy new year to people.


It’s almost the end of 2015, padahal baru kemarin kayaknya kelar 2014 and 2015 masuk. I still remember the very end of 2014 but let me keep that to myself ❤

I thank all of you people from my social media friend list, that makes 2015 really bearable. It’s just kind of sad that what could be a good year, changed into a year full of stupid drama. I’m not sure if last year were also that way, but this year indeed has so many stupid dramas.

But what happened in 2015? So many things!

Choices are made, heaven falls, and even hell breaks loose. Mine, at least. Things really takes turn for the worst, but I’m glad that even through all that, some decided to stick with me. Despite me being a whiny bitch, despite me breaking down over and over, despite me not having the will to go on.

People sticking around me also changes. Is it good? Is it bad? I don’t think it’s right for me to say which, because both happened. Losing a friend over the course of years are acceptable, and in return I gain many. Thanks for sticking around until the end of the year, because I know sometimes I’m annoying as fuck u_u

OH, dan beberapa orang (yang akan terlalu banyak jika disebut satu-satu karena saya malas) yang sudah mau membantu di pertengahan-menjelang-akhir dari 2015 ini! TERIMA KASIH BANYAK. The outcome isn’t good, but still thank you so much. Karena kalian, I tried to once again believe in other people.

I guess that’s for the general stuffs, now we on to the specific part shall we?

2015 bukan tahun yang bisa dibanggakan, at least not for me. Tapi dibalik semua itu, things indeed happened. I THINK I’m getting better at writing and other stuffs. Tentu, gak lepas dari pengaruh banyak orang. Di bagian spesifik ini, I’d like to thanks orang-orang tersebut.

The Bunny

Yang pertama, yang paling penting, yang paling berpengaruh.

Semua, dari 2013 hingga 2015, pusatnya kamu. Being with you taught me many things. I love the way you see things, I love the way you can criticize me with no reserve, I love the fact that you say you loved my writings.

Even though in the middle of the road, things happened, nothing changed the fact that I adore you. For someone so young, to be thinking the way you think, I owe you a lot. Especially me being “me” right now. Senang bisa ketemu “aku” dalam versi berbeda, cewek, lebih lembut dan lebih “aku”.

I really hope that you would use those capabilities for your own good, for greatness. I too hope for you to be more “human” than you are now. Well you don’t have to, but if you do, I would be glad.

What I regret the most might be the fact that I couldn’t do more for you.


Yo, how’s it been?

Thank you so fucking much for sticking around during my hard time, god dammit. Maap kalo tiap lo curhat, malah gw yang baper WQWQWQWQ. Thanks for listening to many things I couldn’t tell anyone else.


Gw utang banyak tahun ini sama lo. Udah mau jadi kuping buat dengerin my stupid rant every single night, etc. DAN MAKASIH BANYAK LOH YA GW JADI DEMEN JAHATIN HAMAKAZE GARA-GARA LO. ANSWER FOR YOUR CRIME.

Also thank you so freaking much for letting me fiddle around with your OC. Lizette and Asther, I love them both. Especially Asther because he is… Asther. Astaroth being my favorite demon and stuffs, and his personality. AND DRAGONS. AND SNAKES. AND VICTORIAN ERA SETTING. Gila I love those things. So much.

Go grab your own happiness, you fucker. You deserve it.


Shithead ;-; Enak ya ngetawain gue akan banyak hal ^_^a But let’s keep that certain something a secret for some more times, shall we? Baru beberapa orang juga yang tahu, soalnya. But I don’t know sih kalo orangnya juga sadar. BUT HEY. 僕たちのひ.み.つ~

Other than Dinda, lo orang yang bisa gue ajak ngomong tentang banyak hal. I even asked you for advice, right? Mulut lo serem. Diem, diem, diem, sekalinya ngomong keanjing. Sakit, tajam, tanpa cela. Tai babi emang. But I love that sincerity. Gak ada ngomong di belakang, gak ada gosip, only the truth. Please continue to be like that ❤

It’s been quite some times juga ya, AMJD and stuffs. And again, you helped me get through the year. Sukses ya S2-nya! I love you! No homo, though.


Wan. Wan wan wan.

Kita temenan belom lama ya Ton. I forgot how we became friend, karena it’s not actually that important. What’s important is that we ARE friends. Are we???? uwu

You are the reason I want to continue writing. I love your writing. I learned a lot from reading your piece. Terima kasih juga karena ide joroknya yang menelurkan Okita diserang oleh tentakel. APAKAH DIRIMU TAU, APA HASILNYA? THIS.



Being someone older, you really do give good life advice. Terima kasih atas sarannya, I would probably do what you told me.


You are one amongst a few that made my writing be the way it is right now. I knew you as a writer first, before ketemu di KoKas back then.

Writing your piece is a lot of fun. I love your writing style so much that I can be biased to think it’s good when you write something. Simply because of your writing style. Ya, it’s bad that I actually judge a writing for its writing style above anyone else, but I can’t help it.

For me, you are someone I look up to. Even now, I still want to catch up on you uwu


JUN!!! Ingin Shigure apa Kawakaze Jun? Keteknya Kawakaze ya? Apa Hotaru? Maniak.

I love your art! Bahkan sebelum temenan, sebelum that certain bukber di Plaza Senayan, I’ve been watching you (now that sounds creepy ain’t it) but ya, that’s how it is.

I also love your writing! I do hope to read more piece from you. Especially on rain and things like that. Damn, I sure envy you for being able to write and draw at the same time.

Gw juga jadi beli bukunya Boy Candra gara-gara lo. Hati gw berantakan, and I’m not sure who to blame. You, or Boy Candra for writing the book.


Rez, kita harus ketemu kayaknya. Berkontemplasi mengenai makna hidup bersama-sama, mempertanyakan apa mungkin Alice balik lagi buat nyanyi bareng Karen dan Clara.

Before being friend with you, I also kind of watched you a bit. Orang femes, I thought to myself. AND I HONESTLY THOUGHT YOU WERE OLDER THAN ME, FOR THE SAKE OF RA. TERNYATA MASIH MUDA BANGET WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Your writing, for fuck’s sake. They are so good. Setelah Yukeh, you are another person I would like to catch up to one day. Karena tulisan lo, gw jadi balik nulis pake sudut pandang orang pertama lagi. You did a lot of stuffs to me and my writing. I really thank you simply for existing ;_;


The magical fox gracing the world with her brush. What can I say? I know you as an artist first sih, and I really love your art. Like… Really love them u_u

Kurang ajar ya, pertama ketemu dah cubit-cubit. But you are older so it’s k I guess. Qw ga brani sama yang lebih tua u_u

It’s fun watching you post your WIPs and other stuffs both di twitter dan di FB. It’s fun seeing you trying out new stuffs for your coloring like that painting stuffs you did with SyuSae back then. So I thought I should also try new stuffs for my writing. Then, born the view-point swap that I love so much writing.

Your writing is also good! The same way I hate Jun, I also envy you for being able to write and draw. I know it’s not easy to get where you are, I guess. Also thanks for flooding my twitter timeline with beautiful pictures of girls hh3.

Remember the time you offered to help about many things pas mau nyetak boper? I ended up didn’t. Not that I don’t want to, ingin banget malah. But I would really hate if I were to disturb you because of that, I guess.

Also thank you for saying you love my writing, it means a lot u_u



It’s fun having someone to talk about nanasis! Thank you for getting into nanasis! Akun sudah balik? I might be able to help kalo mau transfer akun dari device lama.

YOUR ARTS ARE SO CUTE. I love them! Dan makasih udah ngebolehin salah satunya buat dipake di a certain writing about Momoka and the player. Momoka is really cute when she’s quiet, isn’t she?

Kita masih belum ketemu ya? Padahal rumah deket, kalo mau ngajak date ketemuan sebenernya mayan gampang- One day, maybe.


Kayaknya itu aja deh. I’m sure itu juga udah cukup banyak, dan cape bacanya. Again, thank you for sticking around. I love each one of you all the same (well maybe not LITERALLY THE SAME but I’m trying to be nice or whatever here ok so pls don’t judge).

Beberapa dari kalian juga natalan, kan? Merry Christmas, you guys! God, I swear I miss the atmosphere of christmas when my gramps from my father is still alive :)) Best holiday ever emang, sampe malem nontonin Mortal Kombat yang diputer di tivi swasta and such.

Here’s to 2016!

Roti bakar!

french toast